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Click here if you prefer to download the membership application and mail your check.

If you are paying semi-annually or quarterly, please mail payments to:
      PO Box 800874
      Dallas, TX 75380-0874
Why online payment is good for YOU, an NHHA member:
  • It's secure. Our secure payment site is provided by EDS. Your transaction is safer than putting a check in the mail.
  • It's easy... just a few clicks and you're done.
  • You'll receive a confirmation page for your records.
  • You can use your MasterCard or VISA credit card, or an Electronic Funds Transfer from your bank account.
  • It's FREE!
Why online payment is good for NHHA:
  • The convenience encourages members to pay in full, and pay earlier in the year. This helps us budget more efficiently.
  • Online payment reduces the number of checks that must be processed by hand, reducing the possibility of error.
  • Online payments are deposited directly into our bank account, reducing fees and improving cash flow.